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wrap your promises around my finger, so i dare not forget. [Tuesday
Jun 17, 2008...02:05am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

per usual as of late, it has been a while.

that being said.. update timez now.


im in orlando now, with the fam. going back to disney this week and hopefully working a TON in the next few. I applied at cracker barrel today and the retail manager LOVED me, but Im not so sure about the restaurant manager, who is the one who has some say in servers.. which is what I applied for. But I told the retail manager (liam) that I was interested in retail too, so we will see how that works out. I may have to leave disney if I get a cb job, but that might be okay. im waiting and seeing as of now.

but anyway, i work on wednesday night and im excited to be back at studios because i love it there. I love making guests happy, is that corny? l0l.

I got home from Field Training at the beginning of this month, and I have to say I am happy with my performance. I could have done better, grace did amazing, top gun. and no discredit to her because she definitely deserved it, but my FTO was kind of whacked.. and by kind of i mean seriously. but whatevs. at the end of everything he said he knew i was gonna make a great officer (something i already knew, but its nice to hear it) and that my leadership skills were superb. yay. so even if i didnt get DG or SP (or even top/middle third, i dont know.. he never told me), i graduated and thats all that matters. one step closer to being a commissioned officer in the USAF. WOO!

since ive been back, ive been basically doing nothing. im a little mad at myself at this point because i need to work (since i lost my AF scholarship and cant be recompeted because i changed my major) and i sort of wasted most of june in gainesville.. oh well, no turning back now, ill just have to be frugal with my money and work all the time. lord knows disney isnt afraid of overtime, so 10 hour days here i come. ohhh wells. it will be nice to have some money to do what i want with in the fall instead of having to try to save money and not eat out and stuff then. i would rather work hard now and enjoy it later. i dont have any friends close by here that i would be doing anything with anyway.. i would just waste away my summer. i can still see the friends that are sort of close, ill just have to plan better. :D

i talked to ben on the phone last night, and that was a fun experience. until for some reason i just could not stand to be on the phone anymore.. nothing against ben, i dont know what was up. it was strange. usually i love being on the phone.. weird. anyway, we talked about some stuff and im not sure where we are now, but i think its a good place. i was reading back through old entries last night and i cannot believe how completely out loud in love we were. we must have been unbearable! i apologize to those who were disgusted by our cuteness, but honestly im not sorry we were that cute. im not saying anything right here, dont take this the wrong way, but at the time we were completely perfect for each other, and i still think that in a lot of ways he could be my soulmate. i just think the timing is off. oh, and the fact that hes a crazy liberal now makes me slightly disgusted. haha, jk. :)

anyway, i could continue to ramble but this is getting too long. i will try to update more now that im home and have some time.. so stay tuned for some updizzzles.

love to everyone that still reads this! haha :)


loch ness ;5; imposter

:D [Saturday
Oct 15, 2005...12:05am]


cuz i know you read this. hahaha.

loch ness ;4; imposter

done. [Tuesday
Aug 30, 2005...10:09pm]

you wanna?Collapse )

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